Israel is a great mosaic of landscapes, people, cultures and religions. There is sure to be plenty to captivate you.

Private Tours
Private tours are flexible, adaptable to your needs. We can make changes at any time, add more sites or take some out. Ideal for families with young children.

Whether you are coming to Israel on a general sightseeing, historical, religious, geopolitical and/or archaeological tour, I can work out a custom-made itinerary to suit you. 

Transport during your private tour is in a air-conditioned licensed van from the Israeli Ministry of Tourism. Up to 7 passengers with luggage. From airport to airport.

Groups can be accommodated on large buses.

4x4 Off-Road Tours
For those travelers who want to explore incredible topographic formations in the desert and hills of Israel via miles and miles of dried river beds.

If you are very lucky, you can catch the water flowing in the desert during the winter months. During the dry months, you can follow the variety of sedimentation of old seas and rivers formed over millions of years ago.

And don't forget
you will be traveling on parts of the old spice routes used by the famous Nabatean traders.